Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday Cat-Blogging

OK, I was unable to get to some cat-blogging last week, so there will be a double-dose today.

First up, we have my buddy BP's cats as guests at DHP...

Poly (on the left) is trying to use her magical kitty powers of persuasion to get you to fill her bowl with Fancy Feast. Ella, however, is apparently possessed by a nefarious being and channels diabolical might to in order to steal your very soul!

Woah, there Ella! Chill out! Lucky for us, Poly also possesses a becalming tongue which she uses to exorcise Ella's demons and groom her back to her usual cuddly self.

BTW, "Poly" stands for Polyuria Hematuria which is the condition she had when BP's wife CP first got her... nerds! (They are both in medicine, so I guess it's ok...)


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